Returns and Cancellation Policy

Returns and Cancellation Policy

Do you have a warranty on your products?
Yes we do, only on mattresses and the warranty rate varies on the mattress.

Can we return our mattresses and furniture?
If you have not opened the plastic bag containing the mattresses, you can with a full refund on same-day day and partially the next 1-3 days because of restocking fee. Same goes for furniture.

If we purchased any product and there’s something wrong with it internally, could you do something about it?
It depends on what kind of product it is. If it relates to manufacturing error on furniture, we can do an exchange after analyzing the product within the period of one month. If there is something wrong with the mattress, there is a warranty on each one (duration of the warranty itself varies on the mattress purchased), and we can exchange it. The only conditions are that there are not any stains or bed bugs on the mattresses.

How much of a deposit can we leave on special orders?
You can leave 33% of the total cost of the product in person at one of our store locations. Warning: Special orders are final, no refunds.

Can we exchange for another product?
Within the same day, if it matches the same price as another one, just a simple exchange but if it is a different price, we would need to calculate the price difference.