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Welcome to Ideal Mattress and Furniture Store! Both our warehouses have furniture on display or you may chose designs from our catalogs depending on what style is suitable for you! Show up at our stores and our employees will assist you in helping you find furniture for all your rooms! Customer service with an Ideal attitude is the way.

Anything you need for your bedroom we got it! We have bed frames (all the sizes mentioned in the mattress section).

The mattresses we have are twin size, full size, queen size, regular king size, and California King size. Our twin size mattress has a length of 75” and a width of 38”, the full size has a length of 75” and a width of 54”, the queen size has a length of 80” and a width of 60”. The regular king size has a length of 80” and a width of 60”. The regular king size has length 80” and a width of 76” and the California size has length of 84” and a width of 72”. We also have the box springs, (a mattress board that gives support to your bed) and you have the option buying them as a set or in separate pieces depending on what you are looking for!

The tables we have are 3-piece, 5-piece, and 7 piece. Our 3-piece table has 2 chairs and the table, the 5-piece table has 4 chairs and the table, and the 7-piece has 6 chairs and the table.

We have metal and wood bunkbeds. For our metal beds we have twin/full and twin/twin size bunk beds. Our wooden bunkbeds have the same measurements and sizes. We have daybeds that are similar to bunkbeds but a mattress slides from underneath the bed giving you more space for your bedroom and are also known as sleigh beds.

We Sell TV stands, coat hangers, pillows, mattress protectors, sofas, love seats, futons, recliners, shoe racks, office desks, and office chairs.

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